6 year old Latino girl holding 5 blocks that spell out OAPCS

Our Mission

The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) aspires to provide children with greater educational opportunities by improving the quality and fostering the growth of Ohio’s public charter schools.

A Center for Excellence

OAPCS is a nonprofit, non-partisan and independent membership organization dedicated to the enhancement and sustainability of quality charter schools. OAPCS is committed to excellence through standards, values, best practices, business and financing resources and technical assistance programs. Charter schools are a major element of public education reform in the United States and Ohio has one of the largest charter school enrollments in the nation. OAPCS emphasizes the need for excellence among Ohio’s public charter schools with a credo of quality that includes standards and principles for its members. To help member schools raise their level of performance both academically and in other areas of operation, OAPCS serves as a center for:

  • School improvement planning
  • Student achievement planning
  • Training and professional development
  • Achieving regulatory compliance and accountability
  • Sharing and developing innovative ideas and best practices

OAPCS is proud to support other associations dedicated to helping charter schools throughout Ohio

Providing Unity

OAPCS plays an active role in advocating on behalf of its members, representing their viewpoints to elected and appointed officials and other opinion leaders at the state and local levels. OAPCS is dedicated to preserving and promoting the principles of instructional freedom, flexibility and innovation that are at the heart of the charter school concept, while ensuring that charter schools are properly accountable. OAPCS is also dedicated to upholding the principle of school choice for Ohio residents. In addition, OAPCS keeps its members informed of the latest developments regarding current issues in public education, including public policy matters and highly effective educational or managerial practices.