Annual Report

OAPCS 2014 Annual Report

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Letter from the Board

January 1, 2014 began a new chapter for the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) as the organization’s first President/CEO retired, concluding his seven-year leadership term for the organization. Finding the ideal candidate to assume the OAPCS leadership role was a challenge that the board embraced. Throughout the process, we developed a strong sense of the characteristics essential to success in leading OAPCS: strong leadership skills; a commitment to quality; an understanding of the complex and unique nature of Ohio’s charter school operations and laws; personal integrity; credibility; a firm belief in the value charter schools represents in our system of K-12 public education; outstanding communications skills; and, a solid background in education.

Though the process was lengthy, the outcome was ideal. Our decision to invite Dr. Darlene Chambers to lead the OAPCS team as President/CEO, and her willingness to accept, has already served Ohio’s charter school community well.

Since assuming the position on July 1, 2014, Darlene has been tireless in her efforts to enhance OAPCS’s mission. Working to ensure the organization’s longevity and its ability to effectively advocate for high-quality school choice options have been key priorities. Addressing inaccurate and misleading information in the public media and replacing it with “just the facts” has also been a key focus. And those efforts will double in the coming months, as the charter school debate heats up during state budget bill deliberations.

On behalf of the board, I encourage all Ohio charter school stakeholders to support OAPCS in its vital mission. We appreciate your continued support, especially in this time of change. Darlene’s commitment to Ohio’s 120,000-plus charter school students will serve as the foundation for OAPCS’ activities and future success.

Chad Readler, Chair
Board of Directors