Educational Management Company Associate Members

Educational Management Company:

Imagine Schools is an organization, comprised mostly of teachers, that operates 74 public charter schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia. We serve more than 36,000 students nationwide by providing them with a challenging, effective program of study and strong moral development in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our mission is to help parents and guardians educate their children by creating learning communities of achievement and hope. We apply "Joy at Work", a unique organizational and operational structure that puts teachers and school leaders squarely in charge of the decisions affecting the schools and students we serve.

Our work is guided by three shared values: integrity, justice, and fun. Integrity requires that we live consistently and balance the needs and desires of all of the stakeholders in our schools. Justice means that we strive to treat each person uniquely and appropriately. Fun describes our efforts to create joy-filled schools where people are able to use their talents to make decisions, take action, and be held responsible for the results.

All Imagine Schools people are committed to accountability and constant improvement. Our Measures of Excellence are the yardsticks we use to evaluate our effectiveness in six equally important areas of school quality: parent choice and satisfaction, adherence to shared values, academic achievement, positive character development, economic sustainability, and new school development.

Mangen & Associates is an independent financial management organization launched in Dayton to help local public schools (charter and district) achieve long-term financial and academic success. Since its start in 2003, M&A has expanded its efforts to include schools in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

The mission of M&A is to provide high quality technical assistance – in financial management, organizational leadership, and operational improvement efforts – to high quality partner schools designed to ensure financially viability, sound organizational structure, and strong academic performance.

M&A is a team of highly-skilled professionals who understand the uniqueness of Ohio charter schools. M&A recruits, vets, and hires – as either full-time employees or consultants – the best talent in Ohio. The M&A team of professionals include former district school treasurers, new certified treasurers trained specifically for fiscal oversight of Ohio community schools, professional financial managers with business and public education experience, top graduate students from local colleges and universities, and accountants and bookkeepers with many years of public school experience.

Mangen & Associates specializes in the delivery of high quality Public School Financial Management, Treasurer, Accounting and support services, including:

  • Financial Management
  • High quality financial planning and reporting that will meet or exceed the auditing standards of the Auditor of State and/or independent auditors.
  • Licensed Treasurer
  • High quality certified school treasurers with many years of public school accounting, compliance and licensed treasurer experiences;
  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Ongoing preparation of bi-monthly payroll and payables processing by experienced public school accountants.
  • Grants Management
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of CCIP Consolidated, PCSP and other Competitive Federal grants by experienced CCIP Consultants.
  • EMIS / SOES Management
  • Ongoing data entry and management of EMIS and SOES data submissions by experienced EMIS Coordinators.
  • E-Rate, TESOL, eTech, CRRS and other School Support Services

Mosaica Education is an international leader in education reform currently serving approx. 15,000 students in over 75 elementary and middle school programs in seven states, the District of Columbia and overseas. Our schools have yielded superior academic and financial results to date by utilizing best teaching practices, extensive professional development for staff, state-of-the-art technology and our 21st-century global humanities focused Paragon curriculum.

The Portage County Educational Service Center (PCESC) has what your organization needs to stay on top of federal and state mandates, provide specialized services to all students, conduct thorough assessments and data interpretation, raise test scores, offer excellent professional staff development, and participate in multiple collaboration opportunities that offer fiscal and educational benefits.

Our services can complement those provided in community schools. See what we have to offer and discover all of the ways we can be of service to you!

Gifted & Talented Services

The PCESC provides coordination services between children, school personnel, parents, and community members to recognize, support, and advance talent development.

Human Resources Services

The PCESC offers assistance in the recruitment of professional and classified employees, job classification, training and development, records management, employee relations, and human resources information systems. The PCESC also provides a variety of employee services ranging from research to the interpretation of state rules and related regulations.

Curriculum & Instructional Services

Consultants are available in the area of curriculum and instructional services including school improvement, curriculum mapping, and data collection and analysis.

Student Services & Special Education

The PCESC provides comprehensive programming for the instructional and assessment needs of exceptional children. Consultation, supervisory, and problem solving assistance are also available in providing compliance with federal and state regulations and in cost containment and best practices in utilization of resources for the school. PCESC can also assist Ohio’s community schools maximize reimbursement of federal Medicaid funding through the Ohio School Medicaid Program. This is possible through a unique partnership between PCESC, MSB and Ohio Charter Partners.

Fiscal Services

The Portage County Educational Service Center provides an array of fiscal support services, such as fiscal agent for grants, consortiums, and educational projects.

Business & Occupational Services

The PCESC provides many business support services related to maintenance, custodial, food service, and transportation responsibilities, as well as non-traditional student support programs.

White Hat Management is the largest for-profit charter school operator in Ohio and third largest nationwide. The company contracts and assists non-profit corporations that hold charters or see a need for a charter school in their community.

White Hat Management operates over 50 schools in six states under the auspices of three separate educational ventures. DELA (Distance & Electronic Learning Academies) schools are located in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Ohio. They are state-wide, tuition-free and serve students in grades K-12. This program is a home-based distance learning model, which allows for flexible school-day schedules to accommodate any student. HOPE Academies are tuition-free and are open to students in grades K-8 throughout the state of Ohio. Life Skills Centers are alternative education charter schools serving students between the ages of 16 and 21 (16 to 22 in Colorado and Arizona, and 16 to 19 in Michigan). Students attending a Life Skills Center have either dropped out of high school or were in danger of dropping out of a traditional high school program. Life Skills Centers are located in Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and Florida.