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Charter School Sponsors:

The Buckeye Community Hope Foundation (BCHF) was chartered in 1991 as a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation with the mission of developing and facilitating affordable housing for low-income families. BCHF is in good standing and qualified to do business in the States of Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Nebraska, Tennessee,and South Carolina.

In meeting this mission, BCHF has created, owns, or operates more than 1,500 units of affordable housing acrossthe sixstates previously cited. More than 500 additional units of housing are under development. BCHF has also carried out numerous affordable housing and social service programs, successfully administering more than $25 Million in Federal, state, or local grant initiatives either for itself or in its capacity as consultant for other organizations.

In 2004, BCHF was approved as a community school sponsor by the Ohio State Board of Education. Believing that community schools are an innovative and progressive approach for developing high quality educational options, BCHF seeks to foster and nurture productive relationships with Ohio community schools, providing ongoing guidance and professional oversight geared toward the success of community schools and their students. Realizing that community schools must be both educationally and fiscally sound, BCHF brings to its sponsorship role an unparalleled understanding of both teaching and the business of teaching. It is uniquely qualified to assist operators of community schools in creating educational systems that are both effective and self-sufficient.

The ESCCO is the largest educational service agency in Ohio with 1000 employees. It has the capacity for state-wide monitoring through programs such as Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) and performance-based assessment. In addition, the agency can provide evidence of strategic monitoring through its ability to conduct work on behalf of the state via sub recipient grant monitoring. ESCCO Center for Achievement and Leadership specializes in executive consulting to superintendents, boards of education and cabinet-level administrators in the areas ofprofessional development, executive searches, strategic planning and management. The agency’s Center for Achievement and Leadership Services offers a full range of professional consulting and executive coaching services that support the development of aspiring or new principals, assist leadership teams in strategic planning and the Ohio Improvement Process, and promote an engaged learning leaders network for practicing instructional leaders.

Ohio Council of Community Schools (OCCS) is a proud associate member of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS). The OCCS affiliation with OAPCS stems from its belief in partnering with organizations supporting the same values to which they are dedicated – the enhancement and sustainability of quality Ohio-based community schools through high academic standards and accountability, sound and strategic business and financial management, quality leadership, best practice sharing, technical assistance programs, and advocacy.

OCCS began sponsoring community schools in 1999 and is currently responsible for evaluating and overseeing forty-one community schools throughout Ohio on behalf of the University of Toledo’s Board of Trustees. As the first University-affiliated community school sponsor and one of the two sponsors written into Ohio statute, OCCS has stayed true to its mission and remained a student-centered organization advocating services and support to close the achievement gap and provide quality education for nearly 20,000 students in its affiliated schools.

OCCS views sponsorship of a school as a partnership. This belief is shown through their endeavors to bring their partner schools, governing boards, and management partners together. It is through strong collaborative efforts between those groups that knowledgeable staff, engaged parents, and interested students have the opportunity to come together and thrive in effective learning environments.

With OCCS, the student comes first. Notions for change, innovation, and growth are cultivated and developed. This is what sets OCCS apart from other sponsors in Ohio… The difference is quality.

The Portage County Educational Service Center (PCESC) has what your organization needs to stay on top of federal and state mandates, provide specialized services to all students, conduct thorough assessments and data interpretation, raise test scores, offer excellent professional staff development, and participate in multiple collaboration opportunities that offer fiscal and educational benefits.

Our services can complement those provided in community schools. See what we have to offer and discover all of the ways we can be of service to you!

Gifted & Talented Services

The PCESC provides coordination services between children, school personnel, parents, and community members to recognize, support, and advance talent development.

Human Resources Services

The PCESC offers assistance in the recruitment of professional and classified employees, job classification, training and development, records management, employee relations, and human resources information systems. The PCESC also provides a variety of employee services ranging from research to the interpretation of state rules and related regulations.

Curriculum & Instructional Services

Consultants are available in the area of curriculum and instructional services including school improvement, curriculum mapping, and data collection and analysis.

Student Services & Special Education

The PCESC provides comprehensive programming for the instructional and assessment needs of exceptional children. Consultation, supervisory, and problem solving assistance are also available in providing compliance with federal and state regulations and in cost containment and best practices in utilization of resources for the school. PCESC can also assist Ohio’s community schools maximize reimbursement of federal Medicaid funding through the Ohio School Medicaid Program. This is possible through a unique partnership between PCESC, MSB and Ohio Charter Partners.

Fiscal Services

The Portage County Educational Service Center provides an array of fiscal support services, such as fiscal agent for grants, consortiums, and educational projects.

Business & Occupational Services

The PCESC provides many business support services related to maintenance, custodial, food service, and transportation responsibilities, as well as non-traditional student support programs.