Ohio Department of Education Sets New Framework for Sponsor Performance Review (SPR)

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) finalized its framework for the revised Sponsor Performance Review (SPR) system in December, following the recommendations of a three-person panel appointed by former Superintendent Richard Ross. The revised SPR is aligned with the state report card and the three sections of the review – compliance with laws and regulations, use of quality practices and student academic performance – are each rated on a four-point scale then added together. Each category is weighted equally. Sponsors with 10 or more points are rated “Exemplary,” those with  7 to 9 points are “Effective,” those with 3 to 6 points are “Ineffective,” and sponsors with 2 or fewer points are rated “Poor.” Being rated ineffective will freeze a sponsor’s ability to bring on a new school.

OAPCS submitted a formal response to preliminary SPR recommendations during the public comment phase and also appeared before the State Board to provide detailed commentary on the proposed framework in addition to issuing media statements regarding the impact of the changes on the authorizers and charter schools in Ohio.

View the full SPR Framework here.