Charter Schools in Ohio

When it comes to educating children, one size doesn’t fit all. Yet for decades, parents had few choices for matching their child’s special abilities, need and interests to public education programs. Then came public charter schools, tuition-free, independently operated public schools that are supported by state and federal tax dollars. Currently there are over 300 charter schools in Ohio, with an enrollment that exceeds 90,000 students. 

Contact with Charter Schools

As an associate member of OAPCS, you will receive contact information for all charter school members of OAPCS. This contact information includes existing schools, schools that are approved to be open, management companies and sponsors of charter schools in Ohio. Annual Conference Discounts
Once a year, OAPCS hosts a two-day annual conference for member schools and other interested charter school individuals. In 2009, this event brought together over 400 attendees and featured high profile keynote speakers such as Kevin Johnson, former NBA great and Mayor of Sacramento and Chester Finn, President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. At this event, you will be able to register as an exhibitor which will give you the opportunity to present information to charter school leaders and teachers and talk to them more about the services that you provide. When you register as an exhibitor you will receive significant discounts on sponsorship and advertising in numerous items throughout the conference. In addition, each participant receives a ¼ page ad in the OAPCS charter school directory free of charge.

Website Presence

The OAPCS website includes all vendor members, with contact information, a Web link to each vendor’s website, and a brief description of the services provided. Information posted on the website will give charter schools access to important contact information and a quick overview of services provided.

Newsletter Presence

OAPCS publishes an Insight Online-newsletter.  This is distributed to members of the OAPCS. Each month a vendor will be highlighted with contact information and a brief summary of services/products. Appearances are based on enrollment date with OAPCS. 


OAPCS has staff devoted to promoting the interests of charter schools. By doing this type of work, OAPCS ensures that charter schools and their students receive fair and equitable treatment as public schools and that they continue to strive to for excellence. OAPCS works with state legislators, schools and parents to ensure such success.