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The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools exists for many reasons, but a central focus has always been to provide children with greater educational opportunities by improving school quality and fostering the growth of Ohio’s public charter schools.

Choice matters and a strong membership base enables OAPCS to create unity among charter schools and present a cohesive voice for quality options for families. Whether it be advocacy, communications, training, sharing best practices or providing cost-saving services, OAPCS continually strives to connect members and strengthen schools.

OAPCS believes that quality is the key to the sustainability and growth of Ohio’s charter school movement. Quality performance cannot be achieved without dedicated charter school leaders, programs to support those leaders, a positive community environment, and adequate financial resources. Our ultimate goal is to enable member schools to provide the highest-quality outcomes possible for their students, and we do so by helping our member schools in a variety of ways, from day-to-day operating challenges and performance management to long-range, strategic planning.


There are four major advantages to becoming a member with OAPCS


There is strength in numbers and OAPCS works across the charter school community to develop a unified voice for school choice and quality.


The greater number of charter schools represented by OAPCS, the more compelling our advocacy efforts can be.


OAPCS supports the entire charter school movement and serves as your informational “safety net,” providing charter schools valuable knowledge and resources.


OAPCS offers services addressing a range of leadership, management and educational needs.


Membership Benefits

An annual membership in OAPCS through school membership or associate membership confers distinct benefits and opportunities.

Members of OAPCS receive:

  • Advocacy at the State and Federal levels
  • Legislative Updates (timely action alerts)
  • Voice for the Movement: PR and Media Campaigns and Grassroots Initiatives
  • The Ohio Charter School Directory
  • Opportunities to showcase your school in our newsletters and social media
  • Networking Events
  • Best Practices and Quality Workshops
  • A Membership Certificate
  • Cost-saving discounts at OAPCS sponsored conferences, seminars, and webinars

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