Group Purchasing Benefits

  • Up to 30% savings on customized product selection that includes frequently ordered items
  • Analyze buying patterns
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Start reducing your Health Care costs today! 

Discounts up to 20%

As risk managers and insurance brokers, Oswald Companies partners with health insurance carriers to reduce risks for employees.  Oswald works with clients when organizing and structuring insurance programs that deliver results: healther employees, increased production and improved bottom-line performance.

  • Discount when renting cars up to 20% Nationwide
  • Free enrollment into the Gold Membership Club
  • Speed and Expedited Service – at over 40 of the world’s busiest airports and 1,000 locations worldwide, go to the designated Gold counter, show your license and pick-u your keys
  • Instant Return – a representative will process your return at your vehicle.


Discounted Room Rates

$109.00/night at the following locations

  • Hyatt Regency Columbus
  • Hyatt Regency Capitol Square
  • Hyatt Regency Cincinnati
  • Hyatt Regency Cleveland

10% saving at all other locations