2015 OAPCS Annual Report: The Power of Partnerships

OAPCS 2015 Annual Report

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Letter from the CEO and Board Chair

Reflecting on the accomplishments and challenges of 2015, we are reminded of the power of partnerships and the importance of connecting our charter school community statewide, regionally and nationally.

For Ohio’s community school movement, 2015 was a year that brought together our past, present and future. Looking to our history, we celebrated 18 years of growth and progress in public educational choice. Looking to the present, we saw the passage of comprehensive reform legislation, which will help ensure a bright future for our community school movement. The promise of quality and choice made nearly two decades ago to Ohio families stands strong, while steady progress continues to address barriers to equity and capacity. Much has been done to consolidate support for charter schools in the Ohio Legislature and the U.S. Congress, but a great deal remains to be achieved in creating a positive environment for charter school growth in the state.

In 2015, our focus was on building the essential services and partnerships necessary to advance sustainability in the sector. We expanded our membership base, strengthened our advocacy platform, developed new professional development and quality programming, emphasized targeted communications and media relations, and built capacity in serving our schools, leaders, teachers and stakeholders. Two new board members and six professionals were added to our team. We also completed a strategic plan, which incorporates the best practices of charter school organizations nationwide.

Throughout the year, OAPCS played a key role in communicating with and educating decision-makers on a complex web of legislation, rankings, ratings and oversight. Working with local, regional and national partners, OAPCS helped drive outcomes that will best serve the state’s charter school movement both now and in the future.

Our 2015 Annual Report delivers “by the numbers” progress, and our commitment remains to improve the quality and foster the growth of Ohio’s community schools. We are deeply appreciative of your support in this effort. 


Chad Readler, Chair                 Dr. Darlene Chambers
Board of Directors                    President and CEO