CCSQ Partner Testimonials

“OAPCS, through the Straight A Grant and Illuminate, provided us with the computers and programs we needed to allow our teachers to be more successful in their everyday lesson planning through consistent data analysis. The support from OAPCS and the Center for Charter School Quality (CCSQ) team has been essential to the success of our teacher-based data teams.”

– Meghan Rumbaugh, Principal, City Day Community School, Dayton, Ohio


“The Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools has been tremendously supportive with all of our educational data and monitoring endeavors. The CCSQ team has been certain to provide additional and on-going Illuminate® training and support services. The team has also assisted with and provided quality follow-up with any questions or additional support we needed.”

– Debbie Addison, Director of Advancement, The Graham Schools, Columbus, Ohio                 


“Through the Straight A Grant and Illuminate, OAPCS and the CCSQ team provided us with computers and the Illuminate program, our tools for success.  Their team thoroughly trained us, year after year, providing continual support to our staff members. This support has allowed teachers at Zenith to successfully create differentiated, common core aligned assignments and assessments. The capability to instantly analyze data provides us with the information that is vital to our data teams. Data matters, as it drives our instruction and allows us to follow the learning and growth of each student. We owe our progress to the constant support provided by our CCSQ colleagues. They are an integral part of our school’s achievement.” 

– Bridget Egan, K-2 Lead Teacher, Zenith Academy, Columbus, Ohio