At the Capitol: OAPCS Statewide Action and Advocacy

The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools provides public policy and grassroots advocacy at both the state and federal level. OAPCS believes Ohio’s charter school community needs a strong voice and presence in government relations to represent stakeholders on issues from facilities funding to teacher quality. OAPCS and its legislative staff develop public policy positions, track legislation, provide testimony and develop legislative agendas to advance the charter school movement.

OAPCS is strategically located steps away from the Ohio Statehouse. Staff members meet regularly with legislators, committee chairs and state administrators to communicate the concerns and needs of community school stakeholders. At the national level, OAPCS often partners with other statewide charter associations and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to advocate within the federal government on issues related to school choice and quality. 

Advocacy is a top priority for OAPCS and our members. OAPCS sustains a vital stream of communications to members and stakeholders through updates, newsletters, legislative alerts and social media. Through calls to action, OAPCS initiates unified efforts to raise awareness and educate policy makers about critical charter school needs and challenges.

How OAPCS works for Ohio Charter Schools

  • Advocates for state budget equity
  • Tracks all legislation related to charter schools and school choice
  • Works with state level departments and government leaders to effectively implement policy
  • Provides continual education and awareness campaigns at the state level
  • Offers expert guidance to develop meaningful oversight processes within government
  • Testifies before committees to present the charter school position during legislative deliberations
  • Analyzes bills and policies related to their impact on charter school operations
  • Monitors the status of ongoing legislation affecting charter schools
  • Convenes strategic meetings for leaders to exchange ideas about charter school growth and quality

Please contact Trint Hatt, OAPCS Director of Government Affairs, with questions regarding legislation affecting charter schools at thatt@oapcs.org or call 614-744-2266 ext. 210.

Become an Advocate for the Charter School Movement

Contact your legislative representative to set up a meeting, schedule a visit or involve them in the life of your school.