OAPCS Charter School Law Guidebook

stack of legal book wth a gavel leaning against it

The Ohio Charter Law Guidebook is designed as a practical tool for charter school leaders, governing board members and those who need to understand the provisions of Ohio community school law. The format is topical, with summary abstracts and hyperlinks to direct the user to pertinent sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

The Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) revises this guidebook periodically to reflect the ongoing changes that occur in Ohio’s community school laws. This guide should not be construed to be definitive. If legal advice is needed, readers are encouraged to seek professional counsel.

For questions, please contact Jesse Truett at OAPCS. He can be reached at (614) 744-2266 ext. 212 or jtruett@oapcs.org.

Please note that in this guidebook, the terms “charter school” and “community school” are used interchangeably.

Please click here to read the full Charter School Law Guidebook.